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From left to right: Ashley Emma, Victoria, Maryam, and Mary Stacey of Purrr Magazine.

MultiplicityTO: Tell us about PURRR — What is PURRR and what led you to create it?


PURRR: Purrr is an online intersectional feminist zine made to give unrepresented bodies an opportunity to share their stories through art. We believe that by creating a safe environment for disabled and marginalized artists, we generate opportunity for those who feel unheard/displaced. Essentially we’re a platform for people who usually avoid platforms. But yeah, economic and class status, follower count and the blue check mark — it’s all crap. We are anti so many things, but not in the way that you think. Purrr was created to dismantle that online clout and replace it with a big heart emoji.


MTO: The city of Toronto is a constantly changing landscape, trends come and go, and we as artists are constantly dealing with changes in policy, availability, spaces, and funding. PURRR magazine is Toronto based, and you aim to showcase “hidden art around our city” — what has been the challenge of this?

PURRR: We are born digital and D-I-Y, we do not exist in the physical realm (yet) so finding funding does not particularly apply to us. As for spaces, we hate capitalism. So we gather in friends’ bedrooms and kitchens to have conversations. We use whatever materials we can find to create accessibility and a safe space for marginalized folxs.


Since our zine is submissions based, there’s no serious challenge when it comes to discovering artists. Our internet and IRL (in real life) friendships and communities continuously present us with so many good stories and so much art. Our biggest challenge so far has been curating our first issue and setting submission guidelines in a way that does not discourage or diminish creativity.


D-I-Y will never die.

"D-I-Y will never die"


Mary Stacey Laura Palmer

"Purrr was created to dismantle that online clout and replace it with a big heart emoji."

MTO: The theme for your first issue is “Metamorphosis“ — What are you aiming to showcase with this subject?


PURRR: Metamorphosis is our way of prompting a conversation or connection with those wanting to submit to the zine. It is the word that fell from our mouths when we met. PURRR invites people to think through personal understandings of and experiences with metamorphosis. This could mean metamorphosis as a feeling, an ongoing process, a memory, a song, a prescription, a movie, a JPEG image or something we, as editors, can’t even think of right now. We anticipate artistic submissions that are intimate, vulnerable, insecure, precious, and ugly. We desire unpredictability, messiness, frustration, and love.

MTO: What does “multiplicity,” which we define as living, working and being in more than one form, mean to you as Toronto creators? Especially as artists representing artists?

PURRR: Endless endlessness. Collaboration overlapping friendship, continuum and hopeful possibility.


MTO: Who/what is your biggest inspiration for your magazine?


PURRR: Obsessive thoughts, red-eyed rabbits, isolation, otherness, neglect, making kin, Liz Purrr, feeling forgotten, crippling self-doubt, and sense of beauty.



She/Her, They/Them



MTO: What do you love about music as a creative outlet?


M: The way it flows like water and it’s such a natural organic human creation. I love how you can incorporate sound and language as one to create a feeling. Music can direct and shape us.

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